Prisma FAQs

Q. How Do Prisma Filters Work?

A. we will suggest you to read this research paper - A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style
And, this is the code which achieves it - jcjohnson/neural-style
This article gives idea on many such interesting ML projects on multimedia content.

Q. Is there any Desktop Version of Prisma Photo Editor App?

A. Not Yet.

Q. What's so Attractive about Prisma?

A.  Prisma uses artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networksto convert your photos into a masterpiece of painting or sketch. The detailing that apps takes care of is clearly visible in the final output.
Prisma has over 3 dozen of artistic filters for its users to experiment with new photo and new filter each day. Photos edited using Prisma filters are trending over Instagram and Facebook, showcasing the craze for this app among users.

 Q. Which Language is used by Prisma app to convert Images?

A. Its a trend nowadays that many apps and websites use Java, Python, C++ to run their servers. Since, Prisma was initially launched for the ios devices, its pretty obvious that they would have used swift,Objective C to code their front end. The back end(server side) would run on either C or C++. These 2 probably could be the backbone of the program since they are powerful and form a strong and easy connection to the database too. In addition, maybe, Python would have been used to get many API’s for the app.