Customize Droid4x to use Prisma App on PC

You will need to Download and Install Droid4x to use Prisma app, Customize Your Droid4x for Accessing Shared Folder on Your PC or Laptop. Follow the Easy Steps and You will be able to share files between PC and Droid4x Android Emulator.

  • You can directly install Apk's.
  • You can Share Files Between Desktop and Droid4x.
  • You can Use Images from Gallery.

  • Open Droid4x Android Emulator.
  • Click on SysFolder.
  • Now Click on File Manager.
  • Click on Settings.

  • General Settings.
  • Access Mode.
  • Choose Root Access Mode.

  • Click on Droid4x Settings.

  • Now Go to Other Settings and Click on Shared Folder.

  • Choose the Folder You want to use as shared Folder.
  • Now Move The Images you want to edit to the Folder on your desktop.
  • After that, Go to Droid4x and File Manager.
  • Go to Shared Folder Once Again.
  • Select the Images.
  • Now Goto mnt/sdcard/DCIM/

  • Click on Option Button.
  • Choose "Copy the Selection Here".
  • Done. Your Images will be Now shifted to Droid4x.
Now Put your Files, Images and Documents you want to Open on Droid4x. Isn't it as simple as that.

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